• Paper, naturally

    We stock the most frequently-used paper qualities in the printing industry. We have everything to meet your printing needs. Bright stucco, matt stucco, off-sets, recycled paper, foldings, graphic card and much more.

  • Speed

    Our goal is to supply you with what you need as quickly as possible. To do this:

    • We have a warehouse with an extensive stock.
    • We have our own fleet of vehicles.
    • We have the machinery to offer customised products and with the weight adapted to each order.
  • Special sizes

    We work with non-standard paper sizes. In this way our customers can order any size they require. Our products are adapted to meet the needs of our customers and not vice versa.

  • Standard sizes

    We work with standard paper sizes. We have an extensive stock of standard sizes in order to speed up the order process

  • On-demand service

    Papers Tordera provides the graphics industry with a service that is tailored to meet customer demands. You choose the paper, size and weight required. Fast, easy, flexible, with no losses for the customer.

  • No excess production

    The customer is not charged for excess production, so our prices are competitive. We supply you with what you need, when you need it.

How much do you need? When do you need it by?

Do you want to know how we operate? What makes us stand out from our competitors?

Find out everything we can do to meet all your printing needs.